2016 Color Trends to Follow for Girl Teen Bedrooms

In the year of 2016, the trends of Girl Teen Bedrooms can be said to be limited more not on the items to involve in there. Instead, these seem to be limited more in the color options to apply in the room in order to make it trendy. Since it is so, it is so reasonable if there are some trending colors suggested more for you to choose when you are about to design a room for your teenage girl. From so many color trend options available right now, here are some quite unusual examples you are possibly interested in. Surely, choosing one of these color trends can make the room design to look unusually good.

Yellow and Pink Color Combination

The first unusual color trend can be chosen for 2016 Girl Teen Bedrooms does not consist of one color only. Instead, there are two colors involved in this trend, which are yellow and pink color. You may never thought about this before but this combination actually looks pretty sweet. It is especially when the type of color chosen is not the too-bright ones but the soft ones, including also pastel colors.

Black, Red and White Color Combination

The next unusual color trend to follow is another color combination. The difference is that in this combination the colors used are not two but three. Those are black, red and also white colors. If the previous trend emphasizes more on the sweet look of the overall room design, this one is a bit different. Fabulous seems to be the right word to describe the color combination. One thing you may not forget is that this kind of Girl Teen Bedrooms is best when bright red is chosen as the most dominant color that dominates the room instead of the other two colors.

mid-era-art-teenage-girl-bedroom-with-artistic-face-frame-wall-ornaments-on-pink-painted-wall-also-vary-design-in-interior-design-furniture-decorations resplendent-sweet-girl-teen-bedroom-idea-with-wall-shelf-book-rack-and-huge-circle-mirror-as-point-of-room-also-pillowy-cream-bed-sofa simple-artistic-girl-teen-bedroom-with-mix-side-matte-black-white-painted-wall-along-pretty-dark-reddish-flower-painting-and-bright-pink-curtain sporty-ace-girl-teen-bedroom-with-vary-color-striped-design-blanket-mix-plain-also-polka-dot-pattern-of-bed-linen-and-achievement-medals-as-decoration luminous-modern-red-girl-teen-bedroom-design-with-mix-of-pattern-on-armchair-fabric-cover-also-white-based-color-bed-linen-along-transparent-desk-chair lustrous-elegant-girl-teen-bed-room-with-glossy-purple-color-on-wall-with-orchid-painting-frame-combination-along-extraordinary-sliver-pendant-lamp