5 Star Hotel Design Plans: The Qualities of 5-Star Hotel

5-star hotel is the highest quality hotel most people are looking for. Unlike the lower class hotels, 5-star hotel provides better services. Besides, 5-star hotel also provides higher facilities the visitors can enjoy for satisfaction. For your information, aside from the services and facilities, what makes 5-star hotel different from the other types of hotel is the design plans. Here we share you some qualities which should be involved in 5 star hotel design plans.

The Exterior

The first quality which should be involved in 5-star hotel design is the exterior. How a 5-star hotel can be identified is by looking at the exterior. How the exterior is designed really means a lot to the quality of the hotel itself. Commonly, a 5-star hotel comes in a very high-class exterior design. 3D exterior design is the most chosen design since it can give bold signature to the hotel. Aside from that, the concept chosen for the exterior should represent the quality, hospitality, and facility of the hotel.

The Interior

The next quality which should be involved in 5 star hotel design plans is the interior. Unlike the exterior, the interior is like the heart of the hotel. It is the center of satisfaction. A typical 5-star hotel comes with luxurious and elegant interior design which includes the room design, the floor plans, and even the floor organization. Luxurious bedroom with abundant facilities is the signature of a 5-star hotel. Besides, some entertainments should be added inside the hotel, for example restaurants, swimming pool, bar, and so on.

The Amenities

Instead of the exterior and interior, a good 5-star hotel design should involve the amenities. The amenities are the facilities the visitors can enjoy for free. A 5-star hotel needs to include LCD TV, Jacuzzi, heated bathroom, coffee makers, small kitchen, and so on in its design plans.

Developing a 5-star hotel is a big deal. It is because there are many details should be involved in the design plans. The exterior, interior, and amenities are the basic qualities which should be included in excellent 5 star hotel design plans.

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