Android Wallpaper Hd Christmas Custom Setting

You can set your android phone with beautiful wallpaper hd christmas if you know the advantage of android wallpaper custom setting.. One of which is that you can fully customize the wallpaper for your android phone. However before you can customize the wallpaper, you should think one important idea about setting appropriate wallpaper. I assume that you know your android phone display resolution such as WVGA, QHD, AOELED, and many more. Every kind of screen display has certain display resolution. You can check it on your about phone setting. After you know it, you can manually download the wallpaper that has same resolution size with your phone.

The importance of wallpaper and phone resolution

The better wallpaper is that has double size resolution of your phone resolution. When you search on google, add the keyword with the particular size that you want to download. For example if you want to search wallpaper hd christmas, add the size resolution so the keyword would be like this “wallpaper hd Christmas 1200 x 766” so Google will search a particular hd wallpaper that has the particular size resolution.

Customizing wallpaper of android phone

You can do several things for your android phone wallpaper. First you can change the wallpaper as long as you system or your gallery has others wallpaper. Every ROM or launcher has included several wallpapers so you don’t need to download again. If you want to change the wallpaper, you can do it with 2 ways. First you change the wallpaper form display setting menu. Or you can change the wallpaper by tap and hold on the home screen. Then a tab will show up and choose wallpaper to change the wallpaper. However you can also setting a particular wallpaper from an app. A particular app that is wallpaper app can help you to choose available wallpaper on internet so that you can download it easily and you can directly set it as the wallpaper. The app categorize the wallpaper theme so for example when you want to search wallpaper hd Christmas you can easily find the wallpaper that has Christmas theme with hd resolution size.

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