At 0730 hours on January 2, the second people's Hospital of Yunnan Province (the provincial Honghui Hospital) cardiovascular disease center nurse Yang Kune saw a boy faint near the people's Central Road on the way to work, she immediately came forward to confirm the situation, and with the help of the surrounding good citizens, immediately carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the boy, and then sent to the provincial Honghui Hospital, after a doctor examination, the boy has turned to safety.


After two days of contact, on January 4 at 13:00, the reporter finally in the hospital cardiovascular center surgery saw the white angel Yang Kune. At the time, she looked at the reporter waiting for the interview, but did not mean to stop working.


When Yang Kune nursed to an out-of-heart care unit patient, she carefully confirmed with her colleagues the preoperative work of a patient with a heart aortic dissection aneurysm. \"A series of preoperative examinations for liver and kidney function, cardiopulmonary function before surgery...\" Yang Kune walked out of the extracardiac care unit at 13.40 and finally had a face-to-face communication with reporters.


“On the way to work, I saw a boy with a blue face, gray lips and stiff hands and feet slumped to the ground." Yang Kun-e told reporters that there was a warm-hearted passers-by dialing 120, their first time to confirm that the boy had lost consciousness, no breathing, touch the carotid artery after no pulsation, immediately took the phone to 120 to explain the location of the incident and the boy's current condition is respiratory cardiac arrest.


After “hung up the phone, I immediately asked the people next to me to help remove the boy's school bag and place him flat on my back to begin CPR." Yang Kun-e said he had performed chest compressions on the boy, and after more than 10 times, found that the boy's right foot moved slightly, but still did not regain consciousness and breathing, he called the hospital head nurse to report the situation of the boy who was in the first aid.


When the “boy woke up, the enthusiastic public inquired about the parents'phone and contacted them for the first time. Seeing that the boy was basically out of danger, he took off his coat and clothed the boy. said Yang Kune.


Then yang kune and the child's head teacher escorted him to the emergency department of the provincial honghui hospital under the escort of 120. After a series of examinations, zhang wei, a resident of the emergency department, said that the patient had regained consciousness and carried out the relevant examination when he arrived at the hospital.


Reporter learned that at noon on the 3rd, in the emergency medical department, the boy who fainted was in the company of his mother, Zhang Ying (pseudonym), lying still for infusion. Zhang said the child's mental state and appetite have returned to normal, and should be able to leave the hospital after the CT and ambulatory ECG tests.


Zhang said that on the day of the incident, her son had vomit symptoms before going out to school, but at that time she thought the child was just stomach discomfort, did not expect to go out soon after the news that he fainted, and rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, although she had been busy taking care of her son, she had been thinking of the rescue nurse. In the afternoon, nurse yang kune, who was concerned about the boy, came to the emergency department to visit. Zhang ying thanked her by holding her hand and shed tears of excitement at one point:\" thank you for saving my son, without her, the consequences of the child would have been unimaginable.\"


She has been a life-saving medical worker and a messenger of love since her childhood.


“I've had the help of the Hope Project and the community since I was a kid, and I'll do my best to help more people in my lifetime, and it's my job to save people, so that's what I'm supposed to do, and at that time, whoever will help." said Yang Kune.


Yang Kun E street warm rescue scene, let this lively, confident girl into the public view again. Many years ago, she also because of media reporters linked to the yunnan hope project, it is by the yunnan hope project along the way to support and accompany the growth, yang kune became a qualified nurse, become a loving volunteer. At the yunnan youth development foundation, she is known as the \"daughter\" of the hope project in yunnan.


Yang Kune is a Hani nationality and was born in Yuxi, Yunnan Province in 1991. Yang Kun' e's childhood is sad. Her father died of illness when she was 12 years old. Yang Kun-e had not gone to school to read, but only taught herself at home.


At the beginning of 2002, a good heart reported the situation of YangKun'e to Yunnan Qingji Association. In 2003, the``Hope Project'' of Yunnan Qingji Association confirmed the rescue conditions of YangKun'e . At the age of 12, she went into the classroom of Heilinpu Tuanshan Primary School in Xishan District, Kunming City, and became a third-year student, and her fate was turned that year. In the year when YangKun'e went to junior high school, her mother also died, and she became the``daughter'' of Yunnan Hope Project.


Yang Kune was admitted to Kunming Health School after graduating from junior high school. After graduation in 2012, she was recommended by the Yunnan Youth Foundation to enter the Second People's Hospital of Yunnan Province to become a nurse. During her work, she applied for a nursing major in continuing education at Kunming Medical University. Now, after eight years of work, she has graduated from university for two years.


Helping people to help themselves is what Yang Kune wants to do most in adulthood, and she does the same. From childhood to get hope project \"nurturing \", Yang Kune know how to be grateful, the seed of love also gradually sprout in the heart grow up. Therefore, the rescue in the streets of Kunming is no accident.


On february 22,2005, yang kune became the image spokesman of yunnan's \"hope project to help students enter the city plan \". She has won many honorary titles such as \"Hope Star for the 20th Anniversary of Hope Project \",\" Hope Star for the 20 Years of Hope Project in Yunnan Province\" and \"Youth Inspiration Star\" in Kunming College.


After studying, she began to take part in some social activities. She spoke on behalf of the aided students at the founding ceremony of the first council of the Yunnan Provincial Youth Development Foundation; spoke at the \"Shanghai Project Recommendation Conference\" of the Yunnan Hope Project; attended the award ceremony of the first ten caring people and charitable enterprises of the Yunnan Hope Project; joined the \"American Mother's Love Fellowship Society\" in the school to participate in voluntary service work in the nursing home; and went to the streets to distribute a love leaflet performance to carry out public welfare publicity. In the meantime, she received more honors. On the afternoon of january 3, alibaba \"every day positive energy\" public welfare project to recognize yang kune's public good, reward her 5000 yuan positive energy bonus.


At the end of 2019, Yang Kune was elected a member of the Yunnan Youth Foundation. \"I'm an ordinary health worker, and of course I'm a volunteer. Yang Kune told reporters that she hopes to use her own strength to help others, to devote love to where it needs to be, and to let love pass on.


Before parting, Yang Kune appealed to the public to care for life and help others. At the same time, it focuses on supporting the hospital cardiovascular surgery for the treatment of children with congenital heart disease with family economic poverty, and on the support of the hope project in yunnan for the assistance of children from poor mountain areas who are out of school, so that the world is full of love.