Beautiful living room from wood

If you have a villa, where the concept of the architecture of the villa is wood, then of course all the rooms in the villa designs are also made of wood. Including, bedroom, living room, family room, etc. create a beautiful iving room that is made of wood, is not difficult. What we need is a creative idea. Creative ideas we can get from interior design magazines, the internet, or from anywhere. Provided we are willing to accept a wide variety of designs and also a wide variety of styles.

The first time we have to do is figure out what style is suitable for our family room is! Maybe you can try a mix of interior design styles between Japan and America; it will create a beautiful living room. We can combine the style of Japanese architecture rich in wood and traditional American style interior. Some furniture, we can use Japanese design styles such as tables made from large pieces of wood. We can also use the sofas are also made of wood, it’s just that we add a sofa cushion, so we feel comfortable when sitting, we also can make some extra sofa cushions, which can be used to sit on the floor. We also can make some small stool, which is also made of wood with small pieces. We can also add a corner table as well with Japanese design. For American design, we can add a fireplace to the wall using natural stone.

To complete our beautiful living room, we can use some decoration with Japanese and American design. For the walls, we can use a Japanese-style painting, or perhaps cowboy hat. For table decorations we can use bowls made of clay. For lights we can use a table lamp or floor lamp with a touch of lanterns. The clock is made of wood. As for the carpet we can use the carpet with American design, but choose to suit the existing decor of the room.