Beautiful Nuance in Living Room of Blue and White

Therefore, it should be solid blue color-matching with other color are bright enough. Usually the white or the cream, it can help to create the cheerful effects on the colors muted and pale blue. So what are the tips examples of blue and white color for living room design can look both beautiful and functional at all times?Creating a beautiful living room is relatively easy. That is because of the pets that have become the part of family often contaminated and ruin your furniture, beautiful furniture’s. Smart designers use all blue and white colors in the family room to differentiate the area without the use of bulkhead separator.

Selection of a dark blue color for living room as the sofa can be an option for the living room furniture is pet friendly. This is because the dark blue color is not easy to get dirty or looks dirty. For fabric sofa itself, you should select a microfiber or micro suede material. This is because the fabric is slippery and very small pored very resistant to the threat of claw scratches cats and dogs, so it is not easily damaged. Usage patterns of flowers or striped colors in blue furniture can eliminate the impression of monotony in the family room.

The use of yellow and green colors, it can insert to remove the impression of pale. The alloy yellow, blue green with highly aligned used in the room because it is containing natural colors for living room are often seen to be together in the nature. The yellow is represents the sun, blue representing the river and green for the grass. Look for an example of the using of luxurious modern family room as well very close to nature. On the walls is painting or wall painting with natural scenery that is interesting. In the next room you can see the kitchen to the living room is together in one room with no dividers.