Beautiful SNSD Member Wallpaper from the “Real Baby-G”

Beautiful SNSD member wallpaper is always an option for K-pop fans for decorating their desktop. SNSD always comes in various photo shoots that will attract every of their fan. As we all know, they are always dressed perfectly and deliver the best style in every photo shoot. Their photo shoots consist of their own promotional photo shoots and the ones that promote certain brands. Because of their popularity as a Korean girl group, SNSD has been featured in many kinds of brand, from electronics to food to fashion. Each promotion features pictures of SNSD members using or presenting the promoted products. In 2013, SNSD was promoting for one of Casio’s stylish watch, Baby-G.

“Real Baby-G” Collection
The promotion is for the “Real Baby-G” collection. Some photos were released, featuring photos with all the members in it and individual photos. In “Real Baby-G” collection, SNSD poses in cool street style, with ripped pants and oversized clothes. They make use of skateboards as they properties, making them look even more awesome. The tone of their outfit is rather monochromatic, with only black, white, and grey colors appearing. There is also a bit of blue color from the blue jeans that some of the members are wearing. The brighter colors come from the Baby-G watch they are wearing. The individual photos show some members wearing the watches in brighter colors like pink and blue. The photos can make beautiful SNSD member wallpaper.

As Wallpaper
Either the individual photos or the ones with all the members in it are great for wallpaper. The monochromatic color, casual and cool outfit, and the member’s fabulous deliver a good atmosphere to the picture. The makeup is also suitable with the whole theme. If you are looking for beautiful SNSD member wallpaper, the pictures from “Real Baby-G” are good options.

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