Best Color and Patterns for Vintage Teenage Girl Bedrooms

Creating vintage teen bedrooms for your girls are actually a very interesting thing for you to do even if now is more suitable to be called as modern time. In interior design, including also the design of your teen bedrooms, you have to know that vintage theme is in fact something timeless. This can be applied at any time as long as you know about how to apply this. The best way to apply the theme is none other but by adding the most perfect color option as well as pattern with vintage theme and compatibility with teenage girls’ preference in the bedrooms.

Best Color to Consider

First of all, let us talk about the color that can make vintage teen bedrooms for girls to look perfect. In this case, the shade of white can be the right one. Even so, you have to know that the shade of white to choose in this case is not pure white shade. Instead, it is something with a bit touch of brownish or yellowish. Other than the fact that this color can match the vintage theme perfectly, this is in fact also the one that makes the bedrooms to look dreamy. Believe it or not, this is another thing that teenage girls love.

Best Pattern to Think about

After you decide about the main color to be applied in the room, the next thing for you to think about is the addition of some patterns which can make the rooms to look even better in vintage design. Since the bedrooms are about to be designed for girls, floral pattern is the best one to think about. This kind of pattern used quite a lot in vintage style. Other than this, it can also make the vintage teen bedrooms to look way prettier and cute.

old-lady-ranch-vintage-teen-design-with-wooden-beams-ceiling-decoration-also-bronze-frame-chandelier-and-white-faint-impression-furniture-set-plus-pink-fabric-pad-armchair glowing-white-vintage-teen-bedroom-for-girl-with-wooden-furnished-furniture-set-along-golden-photo-frames-decoration-on-painted-wall-and-small-high-pile-rug opaque-silver-radiancy-vintage-teen-bedroom-for-girl-with-impressive-chandelier-along-artistic-classic-fireplace-and-mosaic-floor-mix-black-white-abstract-design-armchair majestic-of-white-fur-vintage-teen-bedroom-idea-with-written-sketch-ceiling-plus-warm-nuance-pendant-lamp-also-lovely-pet-picture-on-old-design-frame-wall-decorations fern-and-flower-vintage-teen-bedroom-theme-with-classic-pattern-soft-color-bed-linen-and-art-painting-on-blue-sky-painted-wall-mix-white-window-frame