Blue living room ideas make you feel warm

The blue color is synonymous with soothing colors, and therefore there are a lot of homes with blue color in several rooms in their homes, such as in the family room, living room or bedroom’s room. One room suitable for use in blue is family space. Using blue living room ideas will make the room seem calm, warm, and also harmonious. There are various categories of blue that we can use like, mediteranien, sky blue, Malibu, etc.

If we use the color blue in our living rooms, we have to customize furniture and also with the existing decor of the room, to the sofa we can use white, broken white, gray, or we can use the color blue. We can also use the sofas with contrasting colors. As for the table, we can use a table set with a sofa, or use a wooden table, or using a table made of glass. We can also put some corner table, which also suitable with the existing space. For curtains, maybe we can use the color white, broken white or even use blue color matches the color of the room.

For room accessories blue living room ideas, we can use painting wall, or we can also display some of our photos and family photos. We can also use the clock directly attached to the wall. We can also change the lampshade sitting in blue, while the pillow, we can use or continue to use the blue color that coordinates with the sofa. We can also criticize our table with some antique vase or some fresh flower arrangements, it will further add to the impression of harmony in our living rooms. For lamp, we can use the chandelier, with its unique design, fireplace at one side of the room will further add to the warm atmosphere in your home.