Celebrities Baby Nursery Room You Can Get Inspired from

Celebrity baby nursery rooms are always interesting for all of us to check out. Of course, it is not merely because they are famous people who always gain attentions from so many people in all over the world. It is more to the fact that the rooms are the ones you can get inspired from. The inspirations are definitely perfect for you to know about when you actually are preparing your very own nursery room since the baby you carry is about to be born soon. Without wasting any more time, here are some examples of famous nursery room you can get inspired from.

The Nursery Room of Tia Mowry

The very first example worth is for you to check out are none other but the celebrity baby nursery belongs to Tia Mowry. There are in fact quite a lot of special details can be found in this room. The first one is the choice of color which is mostly dominated with black and white color. This color combination is chosen because the room is in fact designed for her first baby who is a boy. Other than color, luxury is also another thing can be seen clearly inside this room. It is seen not only from the choice of highly luxurious furniture in there but also from the addition of gold crown detail in the baby crib.

The Nursery Room of Melanie Brown

If the previous example is designed for baby boy, the next example we are about to talk about here is designed for baby girl. The nursery room is none other but the ones belongs to Melanie Brown. The special feature of this room can be seen not only in the choice of the highly pretty baby crib but also in the addition of flower wall decal which makes the celebrity baby nursery room to be serene and calm at the same time.

cute-baby-celebrity-nursery-room-with-winnie-the-pooh-nuance-cool-wooden-crib-green-flooring-carpet-wall-painting-in-cheerful-colors-cute-drawer-chest-wardrobe-pendant-lamp celebrity-baby-nursery-inspiration-with-blue-wallpaper-white-wardrobe-with-glass-white-crib-with-transparent-curtain-four-drawer-chest-in-white-hanging-multipurpose-shelf-blue-rug baby-nursery-celebrity-design-with-chocolate-baby-crib-three-rattan-basket-below-it-blue-plastic-chair-table-lamp-cute-cartoon-wallpaper-brown-curtain sweet-celebrity-baby-nursery-room-wall-painting-light-purple-with-large-white-wooden-baby-crib-sleeper-sofa-large-window-grey-carpet