Choco Strawberry Ideas for Baby Girl Nursery Decorations

The idea to decorate baby girl nursery room is something you can get so easily right now. In some cases, you may find thins to be beneficial since you can always decorate the room properly whenever you need it. Even so, this can also be quite problematic since you may get confused about which idea to choose. Instead of wasting time like this, why do not you try to apply the idea of choco strawberry in the nursery room for your loved one?

What Is Choco Strawberry Idea?

The meaning of choco strawberry idea in decorating baby girl nursery room is not that you will use the shapes of chocolate and strawberry to decorate the room even if this may be quite interesting as well. The main thing about the idea here is actually the use of color combination between brown chocolate color and pink color. At a glance, this color combination looks like the choco strawberry color often used in making foods and sweets, right? This is the reason why the color combination is called so.

Tips in Applying the Color Combination

When you are about to apply the color combination told previously, there is in fact no special rules applied. All you need to do is making sure that the combination looks right so that the elegant and calming atmosphere in the room can be seen clearly. In this case, it is fine for you to make a color more dominant than other and thankfully, both of the color used can be chosen as the dominant color in this case. If you want the room to look a bit different, choosing the brown chocolate color as the dominant one is great enough to try since this will break the untold agreement that baby girl nursery room should always be decorated with all-pink or mostly pink color.

simple-chocolate-baby-room-for-boy-or-girl-with-dark-chocolate-old-style-baby-crib-matching-light-brown-rug-white-small-children-chair soft-green-blue-block-wallpaper-for-nursery-room-with-fantastic-jungle-baby-crib-bedding-set-and-cherry-combo-convertible-crib-in-small-cream-boy-nursery traditional-baby-nursery-wall-murals-decoration-africa-safari-animal-wood-furniture-pale-purple-rug-ordinary-ceiling-and-old-school-baby-crib-with-white-yellowish-baby-accessories baby-4 night-safari-baby-nursery-room-with-dominant-zebra-stripped-pattern-in-white-and-chocolate-color-for-rug-and-cushion-with-soft-pale-chocolate-lazy-sofa