Colorful Ideas You Can Apply in the Design of Your Teenage Daughter

Finding the right ideas about teen bedroom designs to be applied in the room of your teenage daughter is something you should do really carefully. You are suggested to do so because this way you will be able to please your daughter who is no other else but the one who stays in there. Other than this, this is also good because it make the design you apply in the room to last longer even when your daughter grows up. Here, there are some colorful ideas you can try to apply in the bedroom. For you to know, these ideas are quite different but great enough because these are not only suitable for teenage girl’s bedroom but also woman’s bedroom.

Mint Color and Black
The first example of teen bedroom designs which pay more attention to the choice of color is the one in which the combination between mint color and black is chosen. This color combination is very suitable for the bedroom because it looks so cute. This can be even cuter if you also use white as the third color in the room. A tip you can do at home is that when you are about to apply the colors mentioned earlier, it is so much better for you to think about first about which color will be the main color of the bedroom. In this case, the brighter one is better because this will not make the bedroom to look dark.

White and Pastel Purple
If the touch of black color in the bedroom design is not really wanted, the colorful combination of white and pastel purple can also be suitable for the bedroom of your teenage daughter. Actually, this color looks so calm and peaceful and sweet. Other than this, the color combination is also away from childish impression. This is of course the right example of teen bedroom designs can be chosen if the room is intended to be used until the teenage girls grow up into ladies.

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