Common Details Found in Wallpaper HD Emo

Wallpaper hd emo is really suitable for those who are in a certain emotional state, such as angry, sad, or broken-hearted. Based on this fact, it can be concluded that there are several details that are usually found in the wallpaper. Knowing about these details will help you to know whether certain wallpaper has emo theme or something else. Here are some of the most common details that you have to know.

 Sad Love and Broken Heart Theme

The first details that is most known in wallpaper hd emo is sad love or broken heart theme. This theme is often pictured by an image of couple that looks so sad in a rather dark color theme. Since it is emo wallpaper, it is so sure that the people pictured there also wear emo style with signature hairstyle and also dark clothes instead of the bright ones. Sometime, these people also pictured crying blood or black tears. Other than that, it is also often pictured by the image of broken heart or bleeding heart. All of these pictures meant to show some sad and terrible feeling that occur because of unsuccessful love relationship or even the end of a love relationship.

 Death Theme

Other than love, wallpaper hd emo can also be used to show something else because death is the next theme often used in the design of this wallpaper. Especially for these theme, there is in fact one detail that is most known. It is no other else but skull detail. Usually, this skull is not presented in its realistic image in this wallpaper. It is proven by the fact that the skull is often made in a rather different color. This is including some most popular color in emo wallpaper, such as shocking pink, bright red, blood red, and also black.

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