Country Living Room Ideas

There are many country living room ideas that you can set for your living room. Choose from simple to elegant country living room designs. If you have spacious area for your living room, you can choose this idea for your living room country set. This is combination of dining room and living room that separated with sectional sofa with backless and area rug below the living room set. With wide window and door, almost eat the wall space and it is spaced curtains to effect of wider space; this can be your solutions for cozy living room condition.

Next country living room ideas is the green wall and stone fireplace design. This is the country living room set that have focus at the fireplace and the green wall. Actually, the green wall is not green absolutely. It still has white combination at the window frame that makes it look great color combination. The fireplace has made from stone ornament and it has height until the top wall. Add with dry flower to match with the accessories in fireplace. Wood is always characterized with country style. There are many ideas come from wooden in this style.

The first wooden country living room ideas is come from brown color scheme.  It is made with the combination of wooden furniture and brown curtains. Add for stone wall for your living room and add for wooden that paralleled into your ceiling. Add wooden chair into your living room and then Persian furniture will perfect to set in your living room.  The wood accent at your living room such as cabinetry and wood table tv can complete your country living room designs. If you want to have wood designs at your home decoration, you can add for wooden blind separation and add for similar pattern for your window and wall.