Current Trends of Architecture Design House

Similar to technology, architecture design house is developing by following such trends. If you are looking for the most recent trends of architectural design for house, here we share some of them.

Eco-Friendly House

One of the most recent trends of architectural design for house is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly or sometimes people call it green is a trend which put its concern on the environment. Based on the concept, generally, eco-friendly house design involves some specific aspects which support the nature. First of all, it involves efficient use of land and energy. It can be seen from the design that eco-friendly house optimizes the space. There is no need to distract the natural habitat nearby the house. Besides, it also involves eco-friendly energy source to support the needs of energy, for example electricity. Further, this trend also involves native landscaping. Native plants are preferable to grow in the yard or garden to support the ecosystem. On the other hand, eco-friendly architecture design house should involve natural lighting. To support efficient and sufficient natural lighting, the use of bright color schemes and open space inside a house should be considered. Bright interior color schemes and open spaces will reduce the use of energy for lighting especially during daytime.

Modern Cottage or Vertical House

Another trend which is very popular recently is modern cottage. People who are living in big and crowded city prefer to follow this trend when building a house. Modern cottage trend allow people to develop compact but very homey and comfortable to live in. One of the most well known modern cottage architectural designs is vertical house. Vertical house provides abundant rooms just like a big house. However, it is built vertically. In order to support better environment, most of modern cottage architecture designs involve interior garden or rooftop garden. Interior or rooftop garden does not consume much space but still make a house look green and fresh. Instead of involving compact and modern garden, modern cottage architecture design house may also involve underground garage to save the space.

eco-friendly-house eco-friendly-house-2 modern-cottage-design modern-cabin modern-cottage-revealing-permanent-contact-with-nature