Curtains Designs Idea for Living Room

Curtains in your living room are not only functional as cover for your window, but it is also art and decoration for your living room to make your living room look more beautiful. Choose the most beautiful curtains for living room that will enhance and transform your ordinary living room. Here are some curtains that you can choose for your living room decoration. The first is the curtains that matched with your sofa pillow cover. If you have minimalist home décor, the simply curtains pattern with green and white combination will perfect for you.

The curtains have green color at the top and white in the most down curtains. The green color has cubicle patterns. The sofa pillow cover also has similar pattern with the green and white curtains for living room. You can get other similar curtains and sofa pillow cover with different pattern and decoration. You also can create your living room look more elegant with the decoration designs from the curtains. There are several ways in the curtains style that suit with your home décor. The first design is two panel curtains level that will make your curtains look elegant and stylish.

The two panels curtains for living room has many décor and pattern. The stripes black and grey will perfect when you add into your minimalist home décor. The lower first panel has art décor with lace. If you want to have simply curtains, you can add for plain curtains color. You can play with the color in your furniture and your wall. Add for striped layer in your corner wall between the curtains or chose for more colorful contrast furniture living room. The modern living room will perfect when you add this curtain style. Choose which is suitable with your personal style and add for your taste.