Decorating End Tables in the Living Room

What is the most important furniture which people should place in the living room? Sofa surely becomes the most important furniture which people should place in their living room space. However, the living room will not be efficient and look boring if people just place sofa. There are some other furniture pieces which should be placed in the living room including the living room end tables. End table should be placed within the reach of every chair and the end of sofa. It will be useful for various purposes including for placing lamp, cups, eyeglasses, and books.

Now, people will place the end tables in the living room but they have to decorate it properly. It is not difficult to decorate the living room end tables but people just need to keep in mind that the decoration should be simple and clutter should be avoided. The end tables should be placed on each sides of the love seat or sofa. It can also be placed next to the chair with large size. People can share the end table for every chairs grouping but it should be reached easily of course. The lamp placement on the end tables should be done according to the necessity. Matching table lamp for each end table should be considered for great look in the living room.

Small stack of the favorite book can also be placed on the living room end tables but it should only be two or three pieces. It should be located near the lamps and it should be accessed easily. Small decorative tray which can be used for holding small items such as remote controls or glasses can be placed near the front of an end table. Decorative vase or framed photo in small size can also be added for decoration. Wicker basket can be placed under the end table right on the floor or on the lower shelf for extra storage.