Decorating a Living Room with Art Focus

A living room is space in your home that your guest first enters your home and it is the first impression focus at your home. You need decorating a living room with your taste and style to give your guest the knowledge about your style and personality. Each of room in our home is added with our touch and it makes it become personal with us. Decorate with your art and creativity to make your living room look unique and personal. Adding for art that make by you can add for personal touch. Look at internet to look for the inspiration for DIY decoration for living room.

The first thing that you need before decorating a living room is ensure that you have theme and the designs that suit with your style. There are many theme and designs that you can look and add for your unique touch to make it look different. You can add for the painting that placed at your living room wall. Add the huge painting frame that will attract your guest to the living room. You also can make your living room wall look greater when you add the stone for wall ornamental. Add for long line floating shelf as your display to shows your collection of ornament and vase or candle.

The area rug is the other point at your living room when you want to decorating a living room. The first thing that you need to consider when you are looking for rug is consider for the pattern and type. There are rug with high art such as Persian and European that comes with beautiful pattern. When you are playing with your furniture to décor your living room,  you can add for stainless or aluminum table set that comes with different circle diameter and tall that can make your guest get their snack table.  This will make your living room look match with color combination in white, black and green sofa.