Design my bedroom in simple concept

I have experienced with a great job to design my bedroom. In the first decorating job, I have no idea to deal. I don’t understand how to choose the good color for my bedroom wall paint. Then, the flooring idea is very strange in my mind. In conclusion, it can be said that designing a bedroom is a confusing job to do. But a friend of mine recommends me to search the inspirations from internet. There are so many blogs and websites which I found there. I spent hours to read so many articles relating to bedroom decoration. Finally, I find so many interesting ideas for making my bedroom decoration look so great.

Firstly, I look at the whole space inside my bedroom. I found that my bedroom is only in the small size. Then, I collect the information about how to create a good decoration for small bedroom. The result is so exciting. I have to design my bedroom in the simple concept. Then, I only apply the simple bed design for my bedroom. I think that it is simple enough. The more space should be got for the other application. Then, I put a small table near the bed. That is very exciting job. And I’m really great to create my own bedroom decoration.

In last job, I put a lamp near the bed. It is a must for me to design my bedroom in the perfect look even though I only apply the simple concept of decorating job. Finally, I get my best bedroom decoration. That is not so luxurious. But I feel so comfortable staying inside my bedroom. Then, I put so many things which I like such as dolls and books. So, I conclude that designing a bedroom is not the complicated job to do. I really like it.