Different Style for Your Bedroom

Home design is an important thing to decide what atmosphere will be realized in that room. Especially for bedroom. Maybe you can just sleep on the bed without room being decorated. But if you have a great taste, I believe you will do the best to arrange the bedroom. Well, many people nowadays are more like simple bedroom. Maybe it is all about minimalist thing out there. Or maybe it is because they have little space for their bedroom so they decide to make the bedroom as simple as it can to give impression of larger room. But if you have more space for your bedroom it is a good idea to try new taste.

Safary bedroom decoration is one of unique taste you can try for bedroom. As its name, safary means environment-oriented animal life habitat in the nature. So, safary bedroom decoration will apply more accent that give impression of outdoors, like Africa. Why Africa? Because that is a continent that have many kind of animal and they still get their native habitat.

Leopard pattern is suitable to applied on the blanket. It looks warm and calm and so safary. Yes, because we are talking about safary bedroom decoration. Curtains is a good stuff to put in the bedroom. Consider draping the fabric over the existing curtain rods to create a swag effect. Then lay a zebra skin on the floor. It will be good if you applying wood’s color in every interior element like floor, wall, and ceiling. But if you do not, just apply some safary pattern to pillow, blanket, furniture, etc. Furniture with safary style is unique, like a stool with African style. It has deep-set surface and maxi size of foot-stool. In additional to support safary impression, place a fireplace made from solis surface on the corner. Safary style also need much craving on the backhead and the bed.

Nothing bad to try new taste especially for your bedroom. Sometime it feels better when you are just alone in the bedroom with good decoration and accessories, than in a room with less decoration. But it depends on your taste and style too.