An Elegant Design for your Christmas

Having an annual event like New Year and Christmas will never make us lose our enthusiastic in celebrating it. It because of the great joy that Christmas gives us. However, since it is held annually, we often have lack of ideas on how to make the christmas tree interior design so that the Christmas will be special and different from the last year.

Now, we can make the christmas tree interior design special by creating an elegant design to the Christmas tree. The first thing to do is deciding the colour scheme of your Christmas today. You can choose from your favourite colours such as gold and red, green and yellow, or many other colours that you like best. Second, you have to establish the theme of the Christmas. You can choose something related to the general themes for Christmas such as snowy land, socks, gifts, and other different themes such as Barbie’s Christmas,  Christmas in Wonderland, and so on. The theme of your Christmas influences the selection of the things that you want to add and use in your Christmas decoration. Third, you have to decide whether to have an artificial tree or a fresh tree to be your Christmas tree. When you have an artificial tree, it will be simpler than when you choose the fresh tree. Fresh tree needs to be watered so that it can stay fresh during the celebration.

In addition, you have to choose the Christmas lights so that you will make your christmas tree interior design wonderful. The number of lights that you have to apply on your tree depends on the height of your tree. It is recommended that you have 600 lights for a 6’ tree. Selecting white and clear non blinking lights will make your Christmas tree looks elegant. However, you can add one or two blinking lights to make it a little friendlier.

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