What a Fan Boy Must Have: Manchester United Wallpaper

Soccer is the most popular game in the world. No matter how rich, smart, tall, fat, you are, you must have played this game at least once in your entire life. For some people, soccer is their life. They would do anything just to play soccer. And for fan boy, they would die for their favorite team. If you are Manchester United fan, then a collection of Manchester United wallpaper is the thing that is familiar to you.

The logo

Manchester United is famous not only because of the performance in the field. The mascot of the team, the Red Devil, also becomes the most downloaded wallpaper. If you love the team (I mean, generally, no matter who gets into the team currently), then the logo of the team can be the best wallpaper to beautify your screen. Rather than making one player as your favorite Manchester United wallpaper, it is pretty safe to keep the logo as the daily wallpaper. Well, for some people, making one man as your permanent wallpaper on your laptop or phone is quite creepy, especially if you are a straight man..

Wallpaper of the team

Well, talking about the soccer team, it is nearly impossible not to look at the player. If you are the fans of Manchester United, then having Manchester United wallpaper collection is a must for you. And it is not only the wallpaper of the logo but also the wallpaper of the player. You can use the picture of the whole team as your favorite wallpaper, but if you like it since the very beginning, then having the old photos of the team can be great. You can also make a collage or having like a timeline of the club by collecting the wallpaper of the whole team in each season. When a wallpaper of the whole team is good, having a single figure of your favorite player in the team can also be an option (though it is not recommended). You can freely put the wallpaper of the current player of the latest season. But knowing that the player is always traded in soccer, and then having a single current player as the wallpaper may not be preferable.

2013-manchester-united-full-hd-wallpaper-1080p-hd-background HD-Wallpaper-Manchester-United-Champions-2013 Logo-Manchester-United-Wallpaper-HD Logo-Manchester-United-Wallpaper-HD_2014 Mancahester-United-Logo-art Manchester United Logo Wallpapers 13 Manchester United-wallpaper Logo manchester_united_wallpaper_hd_2-wide manchester_united_wallpaper_hd-wide