The Fun of Adding Under-Sink Metal Bars on Your Bathroom Vanities

For some people, leaving the under-sink place of bathroom vanities without covering it with or even without turning it into cabinets just like done by quite a lot of people is the best thing to do. This way, the overall design of the sink can be quite visible. Believe it or not, this is something which can be quite significant to the design of the bathroom. Even so, you have to know also that this fascinating idea might be quite disadvantageous because there will be less storage in the bathroom area.

Under-Sink Metal Bars for Additional Storage

Based on the previous reason, there is in fact a fun yet simple idea you can try to add more functions to the bathroom vanities in the style mentioned before. The idea meant here is none other but adding metal bars under the sinks of the vanities. These bars will never really cover the lower part of the vanities. At the same time, the metals bars can in fact add more storage in your bathroom space even if the type of the storage is so specific. It is none other but the place where you can hang towels.

Simple but Beneficial Bathroom Makeover Idea

The idea of adding metal bars under the vanity sinks is in fact something quite simple to do. If you want to and you have time to, you can do this simple makeover idea on your own. Other than this, the makeover idea is in fact something which will not cost you too much. Even the cost is not that much this can make the view of your bathroom to be quite different and, of course, this is another reason why you should really try this simple makeover idea of adding metal bars under the sinks of your bathroom vanities.

contemporary-bathroom-with-wooden-vanity-in-cherry-double-sinks-beautiful-vanity-light-grab-metal-bar-white-soaking-tub-beauty-wall-decoration fancy-bathroom-with-double-vanity-with-double-sink-metal-faucet-double-square-bath-wall-mirror-large-window-with-blind-nickle-towel-bar simple-vanity-console-black-sinks-with-under-sink-metal-with-flower-in-vase white-modern-bathup-cabinet-idea-with-storage-vessel-sink-metal-bar-long-mirror-modern-chair-shite-ceramic-tile black-bathroom-tile-with-whire-american-standar-toilets-wall-mount-sink-metal-towel-bar console-sink-with-metal-bar-for-towel-storage-in-modern-bathroom-with-freestanding-tub-laminated-wooden-floor-white-curtain