Furniture Layout for Living Room

Living room in many houses becomes the gate for the guest for entering the inner side of the house. In many living rooms, the space is not only used for welcoming the guest but it will also be used as gathering place for the family member. Of course every home owner can have their very own vision about the main use of the living room. The main use of the living room will influence the living room furniture layout after all. The furniture layout will influence the way living room can support the primary use of the space for sure.

When people use the living room as the place for watching television, there is no doubt that the living room furniture layout will focus on the television which becomes pretty common part in modern living room. The television should be placed in the prominent area of the living room. The furniture arrangement should be made so people from every seat can watch the television comfortably. U or L shape furniture arrangement can be chosen according to the amount of furniture in the room. Tables should be placed within the reach of every seat so people can snack or drink while enjoying the television. Entertainment stand with enough storage can be used for keeping the video and equipment.

If the living room will be used primarily for entertaining guest, the television should not be made as main focus in the living room furniture layout. Because the focus will be on the conversation, it is better if they consider two couches which are facing each other on every side of the living room. Coffee table can be placed between the couches for creating the separation which is comfortable. The television can be placed to the two couches side. Plenty of light should be provided by placing lamps on the end of the couches.