Get Your Living Room Theme

Living room is a place where visitors come and spend their time talking casually and feel comfort or a place where family members gathered and telling about their day. Living room design must give the impression of your house, which also provide relaxation from the bedroom. Designer or owner of the house will express themselves on the wonderful color for their living room themes or lose one’s heart in minimalist style.

There are many style you can choose for your living room theme. Such as a whole building, living room need personal touch from the owner. The results are very diverse, depends on who is taking the “touching job”. For an abstract living room theme, you could place a few bold and light pillows there. Hang some abstract art or throw surrealist sculpture to complement each other. If you are a fan of minimalist style, maybe it will be more easy to decorate the living room. White and grey are the legion of minimalist style, you never go wrong wherever you put it on. A plain rug, square furniture with less accents, chandelier lamp or wall lamp without decoration, and more. If you prefer something elegant, try the classic or Victorian style. It take more time and budget (some-while) but in result it give impression of attractive and solid appearance.

Find the living room theme that appeals your lifestyle, so your personality could be reflected in a different form. There are so many themes that can be taken. The classic type makes the room look more classy and elegant, so you can feel more dignified and confident when doing talks. The minimalist one will makes the room look more modern and simple. It do not need a lot of space for furniture so it looks more presentable and cleaner. And the surrealist or abstract style is recommended if you prefer something quirky and different.

Kiawah Island project, Elizabeth Newman decorator, living room from an angle looking toward fire place and french doors