Grey and Pink Baby Nursery Room Ideas

Choosing pink baby nursery room design is undeniably boring at this point of time. Definitely, the only reason about why this is mentioned to be so is because this design has been used so many times before to decorate nursery rooms designed for baby girls. What if you are still interested in this design but you really do not want the nursery room to look too boring? There is no need to worry a thing about this because there is a great solution for you to try.

Combining Grey and Pink Color

The solution that is meant previously in designing the pink baby nursery room is for you to combine the pink color, which is also the main color of the room, with other color. In this case, the one suggested for you to choose is grey color, especially pastel grey. Basically, there are two reasons about why you are suggested to choose this color. The first one is because it will add more modern look in the nursery room. The second one is because grey is still a trending color right now. Other than this, you have to know as well that the combination between pastel grey and pastel pink looks so cute for a room for baby girl.

Where to Apply the Grey Color

After you know that pink can be combined with grey, the nest thing for you to know about is none other but about where you should apply the grey color without making the color more dominant than the pink color. There are some options you can consider. The first one is by applying the color as the secondary color of the wall paint of the room. The second option is for you to use the color as the secondary color of the pink baby nursery room decorations.

tender-sweet-dreams-theme-pink-baby-nursery-room-with-ribbons-ornament-on-sheer-curtain-and-big-blossom-flowers-painted-on-mix-painted-wall indulgence-baby-zoo-pink-baby-nursery-room-with-suitable-kiddy-animal-and-tree-design-cutting-sticker-wallpaper-on-painted-wall-along-concordant-baby-play-gym luminous-pink-baby-nursery-room-with-light-color-of-lacy-curtain-mix-pretty-lamp-shade-of-desk-lamp-and-chandelier-along-white-changing-table garden-small-bugs-baby-nursery-bedding-set-with-dark-oak-convertible-baby-crib-also-soft-pink-and-green-lime-flower-red-ladybugs-dragonfly-fabric-linen assorted-pink-big-butterfly-baby-nursery-bedding-set-for-baby-girl-with-vary-butterflies-design-and-flowers-on-fabric-linen-and-matching-small-rug shiny-bright-pink-baby-nursery-room-idea-with-tie-back-curtain-on-white-medium-pleated-blind-window-and-dark-chocolate-color-furnished-chest-of-drawer stem-of-tree-view-modern-baby-nursery-room-with-pink-white-cutting-sticker-wallpaper-on-grey-painted-wall-and-crafted-butterflies-ornament-lampion-lamp white-pink-flowery-baby-nursery-bedding-set-with-pop-up-pattern-on-blanket-mix-striped-soft-pastel-printed-fabric-linen-also-medium-round-pink-rug sweet-girlie-baby-pink-nursery-room-with-magpie-bird-painting-on-hanging-picture-frame-and-little-flowery-printed-on-fabric-linen