Hand-painted SNSD Desktop Background: A Unique Way to ‘Paint’ Your Desktop

Fans of SNSD surely love to use SNSD desktop background. It is one of the ways of expressing their fondness for the Korean girl group. There are many desktop backgrounds on Google. Fans often make the wallpaper and post them on their blog or website. Mostly, the wallpaper is from SNSD already existed pictures, which are combined in a single wallpaper or modified and edited using software like Photoshop. However, have you ever thought of using a more unique SNSD wallpaper? Try to use the hand-painted one.

Hand-painted SNSD Desktop Background
Hand-painted SNSD desktop background is a unique way to ‘paint’ your desktop. If most people aim for the desktop background which is made of real, existed SNSD pictures, you can make your desktop more distinct with the hand-painted ones. The hand-painted desktop background is awesome in its own way. They may be inspired by real pictures but since they are painted by hand, there is certain artistic feel in it that you might not find in a photo. The members of SNSD might look a little bit different in the hand-painted version. However, this will only add to its distinctiveness. With hand-painted technique, the person who makes the picture can also experiment more. They can explore their creativity on the canvas, as well as their fondness toward the group.

Looking for the Hand-painted Ones
If you want to look for this kind of SNSD desktop background, you can add “hand-painted” to your keyword on Google. Surely, there are some great desktop backgrounds being displayed, although they might not as many as the ones from real pictures. Many fans have been trying to paint their favorite artists to express themselves. It is also regarded as a form of fanart. So, if you want to look for something artsy for your desktop, you can always try hand-painting.

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