Having Theatre Portland

Starting from a desire, want to have a living room theatre Portland home cinema. Incidentally, I have basement length, width and height of 4.5 mx 3m x 3.5m, a home theater can be self-indulgent and family, rather than watching a movie on TV or watch a lot of ads in 21 to go through a jam or might also disappointed the film was not good. Finally I have a home theater with 8.2 Ch. system (10 speakers) with details of two front speakers, 4 rear speakers that produces surround sound, central speaker, speakers sub-woofer, speakers middle and one in the rear effects speakers.

This is which could result in a roaring sound when the boom burst in the movie, the sound clear when the two swords warriors clashing for living room theatre Portland, loud rain drops overwrite rock sounds obvious, can beat movie theaters 21. If it less fun dressing it. LCD Projector wrote let me use the images appear larger beat TV 80 in width, and the former white screen when upgrade my presentation.  The room has been mentioned above 4.5 mx 3 mx 3.5 m in length should narrow it to 8 m, but not something you just do not cube shaped room 3 x 3 x 3m makes less good sound effects.

Which must be considered in making the living room theatre Portland home theater are: The room should not cuboids; For system Silencers walls do not have to rough wall smooth (smooth walls aimlessly voice echoes); Do not corner rectangle, which can be stuffed with other objects in the design are not be in the corner; as well as the wall or walls made not broken 90 degrees make the arches; seal the glass wool wall thickness of 3-5 cm, including the roof, lucky my room in basement means concrete roof will not leak sound; For plywood frame for closing glass wool; plywood given a few holes; Doors in double; AC and Do not forget that the electronic stabilizer so durable wear.

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