How Hotel Floor Plans Make Hotel Like the Second Home

People stay at a hotel due to various reasons. However, most of them expect the same feeling when staying one or more nights at a hotel. Most people expect that they can enjoy the hotel like their own home. Regarding that expectation, it is a must for hotel owners to focus on the hotel floor plans which can enhance the homey atmosphere the visitors can enjoy.

The Front Lobby

Floor plan must include the lobby. How the lobby of a hotel is developed should be your concern. The lobby of a hotel is like the front face of it. How the visitors judge a hotel is by looking at the lobby first. Besides, the lobby represents the hospitality as well. Considering that, you must be very careful when designing the lobby. You should be very proper on organizing the lobby, including locating the furniture and choosing the room fixtures and facilities so that it can lead the visitors to feel like at home.

The Room Location

Aside from the lobby, the location of the rooms in a hotel must be concerned in the hotel floor plans. Some hotel owners prefer to locate the hotel rooms upside meanwhile some others, which have larger space, prefer to locate the hotel room upper the ground like a resorts. It means that each hotel room for visitors is provided in the form of little cottage. When determining to develop the hotel rooms upside, as a hotel owner, you should consider the access and safety of the visitors to reach their room. Considering the environment is necessary as well.

The Backyard and Rooftop

The floor plans of a hotel must involve the backyard and rooftop. Backyard is the right space of a hotel to build some entertainments, such as fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, and more. Some hotels may be equipped with small outdoor barbeque spots in the backyard so that the hotels look homey. Aside from that, the rooftop can be another location in a hotel which can be used to create homey atmosphere. The rooftop can be designed for barbeque area, swimming pool, and mini outdoor bar.

Enhancing the quality of a hotel can be done by considering the floor plans. How the hotel owners organize the hotel building is very important to the quality of the hotel. Regarding that, balanced and homey hotel floor plans are required to apply.

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