A House Exterior Design for Completing the Look of Your House

The fun part of designing your new home is the house exterior design style. It is just time to have fun choosing a style that matches your preference. The style chosen should usually blend in with the other homes furniture and aspects. These are several types of house exterior design style that can be your references in designing your outer space.

Country Style

Country style is the most popular nationwide. Characteristics of the style include a large front or wraparound porch, which is usually covered. The roofline runs lengthwise with a steep pitch and often times dormer windows and gabled wings. The appearance is casual and informal. A farmhouse style is normally a two-story rectangle or L-shape. The siding on this style of homes is typically horizontal siding, but sometimes is masonry or stucco.

Traditional Style

Traditional style includes the Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Cape Cod, Saltbox, and Ranch designs. Each of these is specific to regions. Traditional styles are considered as simple. They usually have small paned or mullioned windows spaced symmetrically.

Victorian Style

Victorian style homes are traditional, but have strong historical origins with intricate rooflines using turrets, formers, towers, bays and eyebrow windows. The porches on these homes are ornate with shingles or narrow-lap wood siding. This style is most appropriate in a two story.

 Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean styles are most popular in Sunbelt states such as California and Florida. Some people feel this style leans towards traditional, others contemporary. Stucco, tile roofs, broad overhangs, low-pitched rooflines, open-air verandas, courtyards, and covered porches or lanais are the common features of these homes.

 Contemporary Style

Contemporary is one of house exterior designs broad category because it entails many varieties of styles and shapes. They are typically found with bold geometric shapes, large amounts of glass, shuttered windows, decorative trims, and rooflines that range from flat to very steep. Siding is vertical or horizontal wood, stucco, or masonry. Contemporary does not really have any style rules.

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