Ideas for Tinkerbell Bedroom Décor

Room decoration adopting fairy theme is one of popular and favorite room decorating choices especially for girls’ bedroom. Modern theme with fairy can be taken the inspiration from the best friend of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell. This character has own buffs and having concept of room decoration for our daughter will be great since it can open their imagination and fantasy as well comfortable dwelling at house and they can have tight sleep in their favorite area. Having tinkerbell bedroom décor should provide several stuffs and we can find inspiration from the internet or we can do small experiment of room decorating.

The tinkerbell bedroom décor is full of fantasy so the look of the bedroom should be able to accommodate all things related to fairy from the wall, lamps, furniture, bed and other things. Vibrant colors are great alternative if we don’t want to have monotonous color scheme. Another way is by picking the wallpaper with Tinkerbell image which are easy to find in various selection of Tinkerbell expression. We can also have concept of the fairy land for the room with several items of 3D sculpture, fairy dust in jar, glow in the dark stickers and many more.

Some furniture can help enhance the atmosphere of fairy land and will be great for tinkerbell bedroom décor. Choose also the border, pictures of the wallpaper, clocks and other decorative attributes which are suitable with the Tinkerbell theme. An idea is about taking some furniture with fake vines as the embellishment. If we don’t want to use wallpaper, we can play with colors and add the glitter coating to enhance the ambiance of land of fairy. For curtain, covers and bed fitted sheet the fabric should also be considered in which should be lightweight, sheer and can be draped. For the lighting, put the accent lamp to add the mood.