Inspiration of Stylish Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary style wascontemporary modern styles usually use the mixture of the minimalist cheap modern furniture with the accessories of art decoration which are around the room as the sweetener of the room. It is not infrequently that the element of lamps, tables or chairs used to be wore, it have some forms an unusual and the futuristic. The color used can vary, there should always be a contrast as well as blend the wood of brownwith white contemporary house in general, because that can also using festive color like gray and brown, white and beige, white and gray, or that is not too commonly used as a pink and yellow. There should always be a contrast as well as blend the brown woods with white contemporary home in general.

Usually the wall in the contemporary home also has never been free of an accent, whether it be an array of wooden planks formed horizontally, touch the wall patterns shaped like the pieces of the puzzle, or the forms of wall crack filled with beautiful hair. All for the sake of illustrating that is contemporary design that’s not the rigid design which must follow certain basic rules, but may be created at will in making it looks flexible, futuristic and dynamic. The accented with the mahogany wall panel and cheap modern furniture is decorated with a portrait painting late 1985, making the family room with the blue velvet sofas look luxurious. To add to the impression of a contemporary, unique shaped fiberglass seats added orange color. At the middle was placed a beautiful modern cocktail table.

Using sofas and chairs without arms Bergamo layered linen, soft beige and beige color blend, making the atmosphere of the family room into the comfortable and elegant. Not to forget the touch of modernity contemporary shaped upright lamp and the padded ottoman white as the table. Then, with Art Deco chairs and cheap modern furniture gray upholstered paired with the light brown of wooden table tiny size, the contemporary credenza for the long table under the thin flat TV on the walls, making the family room a small extent it be looked as modern and comfortable, even without having to look narrow . There is also built-in cabinet and the black patterned carpets arise as flooring. Since the ceiling of the living room is too short, use lights track lights (spotlights) on the modern wall.