Installing Frameless Mirror

Installation of a mirror in a room can make the room seem more spacious than the original. This trick is usually applied to the rooms with a small area such as a living room, bedroom. Kitchen and even the bathroom area are the places. Placing a mirror without frame is the right way. This serves to create a unified effect on the room. However, installation of frameless mirror in Thomasville kitchen cabinets is not as easy as installing a mirror that uses frames. How is about the trick? You have to coat the walls of the field to be affixed to the first mirror with using 8mm thick plywood. Plywood layer serves to retaining the mirror so it does not directly relate to the brick wall that usually have areas that are uneven and prone impregnable.

Application of plywood will make the installation of the mirror to be strong, if you want to stick it on the wall of gypsum. You can use screws to attach the mirror in Thomasville kitchen cabinets without frame by punching holes in the ends of the mirror to place the screws. Furthermore, screw the plywood to the mirror. In order to look into the screw does not interfere with the aesthetic value of the mirror, and then you should head cap screws. Select sealant mirrors that are neutral or not is up. This serves to blackish spots do not appear. There is a play on texture-etched ceiling or in the ceiling. Lighting is also being laid out in such a way so as to create certain effects such as high ceilings or ceiling so that the texture is clearly visible. The materials used today are also not limited to gypsum, but also began to use wood.

Ceiling does not have to be white; you can customize it with the theme of the room or individual taste. For example, give a color with paint or even wallpaper. If you do not want a lot of ornaments on the ceiling, use a paint color. For example, use blue sky in order to create the effect as if you are under the heavens and the room will feel much cooler. You can be creative using 2 different colors of Thomasville kitchen cabinets to distinguish the function of the room without using a separator. For example, you can use the brown color on the kitchen ceiling and yellow on the ceiling of the dining room.