The Kitchen Space Is Beautiful With Window Dressing

Window dressing is an art to decorate the window so it appears more beautiful. If the first window dressing only known in the commercial world, window dressing is now starting to break into a private dwelling. Window dressing process is quite easy and has many alternative elements of decoration. For those of you, who want to beautify the windows with window dressing for your country kitchen curtains, consider first the following ropes? Style, material, and color for window dressings must be tailored to the interior of the house or kitchen space itself. Window without trellis (bare window) is the easiest type of window to be decorated. For formal style kitchen space, typically using a patterned fabric detail and heavy and has a lot of folds.

Materials such as cotton fabric will create the impression of a soft, elegant, and natural. Satin fabric is suitable for use in formal because it has a natural luster. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere and modern, use a transparent material such as chiffon curtains. Also choose a color that is younger than the dominant color for the kitchen. If the brown color dominates the interior, use a beige color for window dressing for country kitchen curtains ingredients and brown accents. With this trick, you will get a highlight effect and comfort. In addition to curtains, window dressings can also use the rod, ring, hook, and tassel. Not only that, you can also decorate the area around the windows with potted plants, paintings, chandelier, up to the single couch in the corner. If you put the furniture around the window, make sure not too much so that the window can be a focal point.

The most important thing is do not let the window dressing the window blocking the main function as the circulation of air and light. Not many people pay attention to the ceiling of the house when arranging the interior or home decor. Most people actually prefer white as the color of the ceiling of their home, but also ceiling can be decorated with other colors. For the purpose of decoration, people prefer to play on flooring materials, wall paint colors, wall hangings and furniture that matches the theme of the room when the ceiling can also be an element of country kitchen curtains home decor.