The Luxurious Small Space Studio Apartment Design

There will be a space for your creativity

The studio apartment design idea is much needed for you who want to remodel your boring apartment room into something special and luxurious. No matter how small your space, your daily need and activity must be satisfied. Through this article we are going to help you in designing the small space studio apartment to be more interesting, luxurious, and effective.

The solution for your needs

The ideal studio apartment design must be able to cover all the prime and daily needs. What you need in supporting those is being creative in combining the form and function. Firstly, you have to deal with the handmade partition. The handmade partition will divide your room into specified space and function. The handmade partition can be from mirror or white screen. For the frame, you can use the stainless steel or a wood sticks which have fine pattern. The choice of those frames provides you with strong and durable materials.

Those kinds of frames also can also enhance your interior decoration through the luxury and elegant of wooden pattern and sparkling steel. The white screen and mirror partition can really make your space looks larger even though it is divided into some room part. For the kitchen, you can also make a double function for a single space. You can maximize the cutting board to be work surface to convert the stove when it is not used. Colorful and light paintings also makes your studio apartment becomes more spacious and bright. This kind of painting also gives you with fun and relaxed sensation. The ideas about the studio apartment design above are really effective in remodeling your studio apartment to be more effective, tidy, arranged, and also luxurious. Your small space studio apartment will be more spacious because the ideas work beyond your expectation.

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