How to Maintain the Rustic Kitchen Tables

The characteristic of rustic kitchen tables is the wooden material which is used to build the entire table and sometimes the chairs. Since it is made from the wood, the looks of the table tend to strengthen both natural and classical look of your dining room. It is favored because of its larger size, so it will fit to any gathering event. It can also be applied as an indoor dining table and an outdoor instrument depend on your wish.

Since the price of the rustic kitchen tables are quite expensive, you need to take a good care of the property; so it won’t ruined by the stain or scratch. To clean a rustic table, you need to make sure to limit the use of water and only employ soft towel or sponge to remove the dusk. Soap can also be used to remove the dirt, but don’t use it too much and remove the residue of the soap when you complete wiping the table. A rustic table is easily absorbing any liquid; the absorbed liquid will create a stain which is hard to remove. That is why, If you used water to clean the table, you also need to dry out the table in order to drain the absorbed water.

You can also avoid the stain on your rustic kitchen tables by applying rustic wood wax. The materials of a wood wax are basically made from hard wax and clear oil; it will make your rustic table resistant to water, alcohol and food acid. Daily protection is still needed if you want to keep the table for a long period such as; applying coaster for the drink and vases when you use the rustic table to avoid the water spill to the wood. The rustic kitchen tables might not stand hot dish ware, so you need to use protective layer to keep off your rustic table from your hot kitchenware.

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