Making the Kitchen More Comfortable

Tiny kitchen is not an excuse for lazy organize the kitchen in order to feel more comfortable. Nowadays many interior ideas that can make a small kitchen feel comfortable with ease. The backsplashes for kitchens is said to have a broad tiny if at least 5 to 10 square meters. The challenge is how to put a refrigerator, stove, and other kitchen equipment without having to block the passing lane. For that you have to map the kitchen area into 4 sections, as follows: Area Preparation, cooking area, washing area and food storage area.

Preparation areas should be placed between the disposal and refrigerator. The goal is to make it easier to pick up groceries from the refrigerator and discard the remaining dirt from groceries to a landfill of backsplashes for kitchens. Place the equipment used for these activities such as knives, cutting boards, blenders, scales, and spices. Cooking area is used to put the main cooking appliances, i.e. stove, oven, and microwave. Equipment that should be present in this area is a pot, frying pan, cooking oil, margarine, gloves and so on. Wash area used to wash dishes and wash your food. It is ideally located in the area between the cooking and preparation areas. Provide a clean cloth and cooking equipment rack to drain after washing. Food storage areas or food ingredient is a place to put the refrigerator or cupboard dry food. In this area you also can store cookbooks, pan, mixer, or a coffee maker.

Here are the steps that you can apply when cooking to save on gas and electricity: Cover the pan when it was about to boil food. By covering the pot when boiling, fast food will be hot and boiling with the heat of the stove trapped in the pot. That way you will save time and gas / electricity. Make sure the fire burning stove does not exceed the lower surface or side of the pan and the pan. The fire spread too widely would make gas more extravagant. Then it should be done to save in the backsplashes for kitchens.

modern-stainless-steel-kitchen-backsplash-designs natural-stone-kitchen-backsplash-tiles-ideas stainless-steel-backsplash-items-in-your-kitchen stone-backsplashes-for-kitchens textured-kitchen-glass-backsplash-for-luxury-kitchen