Mirror Tiles for Wider Effect in Your Small Bathroom

Small bathroom designs which are tricked by using white color, adding a large mirror in a side of the bathroom and some other common ideas are the ones found to be quite common. Moreover, it can be said that there are already so many people use the ideas previously. If by any chance you also own a small bathroom at home and you want it to look bigger, there is in fact a rather uncommon idea you can try to apply inside there. The idea is none other but the use of mirror tiles for the bathroom walls.

Mirror Tiles vs. Regular Bathroom Mirror

When you are suggested to use mirror tiles in small bathroom designs, you may question about what the difference between the use of the tiles and the use of regular bathroom mirror. Well, the two items might basically be the same because both are mirrors. Even so, the tiles are quite different here because these function as tiles instead of regular mirror. Besides, the tiles also made in tiles design so that there will be square effects seen on the bathroom walls once the tiles are installed.

Suggestion in Installing the Tiles

When you are about to install the mirror tiles on your bathroom walls, it is suggested for you not to install these on all sides of the bathroom walls. In this case, you can just one or two sides to be decorated with the mirror tiles. Other than this, you also need to pay attention to the color of the bathroom. It seems to be easy to combine the original color of mirror tiles with any bathroom colors. Even so, choosing the wrong color will only ruin the overall design. In this case, the best colors to choose for the small bathroom designs in which the mirror tiles are about to be installed are; white, black, and also grey, especially the light ones.

green-white-combination-tile-with-wall-mounted-marble-vanity-with-tops-beautify-with-large-mirror cool-modern-bathroom-with-clear-glass-vanity-sink-table-stainless-steel-sink-base-black-ceramic-tiles-and-frameless-wall-mirror-with-cool-bright-lights-accent-metal-faucet beautiful-big-rectangular-bathroom-mirror-for-small-bathroom-ideas-with-white-freestanding-bathtub-and-large-window-also-white-ceramic-tiles-flooring white-modern-bathroom-cabinet-with-single-sink-silver-faucet-framed-rectangular-mirror-oval-freestanding-tub-framed-window-beautify-the-room bathroom-update-ideas-with-white-wall-mounted-vanity-with-double-sink-large-mirror-modern-toto-toilet blue-bathroom-remodelling-idea-with-soaking-bathub-completed-with-shower-towel-bar-modern-wall-mounted-vanity-with-rectangular-mirror