Mobile Kitchen Island

Kitchen is a place where you put groceries after buying them from supermarket, put the dishes after meal, put cooking preparation, have some coffee with your husband or children, or sometimes have a quick meal. Realize it or not, you do those activities mentioned above in a central place inside your kitchen. It takes a little space and the function is precious at the same time; that is what we call a kitchen island. In busy families, kitchen island is the centrally countertop for having a quick meal as well. Under the countertop, there are drawers for kitchen tools and utensils. Now there is also a new design called mobile kitchen island.

What is Mobile Kitchen Island?
According to online dictionary definition, mobile is being able to move easily or freely. So what about kitchen island itself? Back then, most kitchen islands were heavy countertops that maybe it was hard to move them. As time goes by and people are more into instant process, things, and goods; designers create an easier way or facility for modern families such as mobile kitchen island. There are four or six wheels under the drawers to make the kitchen island itself being moved easily if necessary.

Materials and Benefit of Mobile Kitchen Island
Generally the countertop of a kitchen island is tile, wood, stone, or stainless steel. It is not recommended to use glass material because sometimes we put hot bowl, drinks, or any other food that comes fresh from the oven and you need to cool them for a while. You may put them above kitchen stove, but what if you have to cook another food and there is no other space? Your kitchen island the answer. The main benefit of mobile kitchen island is you can move it whenever you need, for example, when you are cleaning your whole kitchen.