Placing Ornamental Plants in the Kitchen at Home

Add a natural feel in the kitchen at home can usually be done by kitchen decorating themes of placing a number of plants in some parts of the corner of the kitchen at home. But instead of soothing the kitchen at home, these plants may die if you do not pay attention to maintenance. Here are some things you need to consider when going to decorate the kitchen in the house with ornamental plants: First, look for information on the treatment plant can be done in the kitchen at home. Do not choose plants that are not suited to the climate in the kitchen at home. Note also the plant that is also adequate lighting. For that, you can put the plants in the corners of the window that would normally be exposed to sunlight in the morning and afternoon.

Second, make sure you do not have an allergy to certain plants because if forced to put a plant that is recommended in kitchen decorating themes, but in fact these plants cause allergies in your hand, they will not do any good. Third, plants do need good lighting, but that does not mean you place it in an area that is too hot as the stove. Place the plant in the corners of the kitchen at home that has adequate lighting. Fourth, note the pattern of watering your houseplants in the kitchen at home. Plants do not need to be watered every day, because the soil generally inside potted plants that are in the room was still quite moist.

Instead, you can do it twice a day with water it uses excess water boiled potatoes, eggs or vegetables to provide natural vitamins for your ornamental plants. Fifth, to the problem of effectiveness and efficiency, you can use a mixture of potting soil and activated charcoal in the bottom of the pot. Move the leaves of the plant are lower than if they had covered the ground. You can be creative in kitchen decorating themes with arranging the scarf valance as hung to the left and right of the arch in the middle. Do not forget to add other ornaments such as beads or lace. Not only on windows, valance can also be applied to doors, walls adjacent to the ceiling and the bottom of the bed to sleep. Congratulations to create the valance!