Plants Carrier the Luck

Putting plants in the kitchen can bring good luck for your kitchen. Plants have many uses for human life. Starting from the dirty air cleaning, pharmaceuticals, processed into food or beverage, beautify the exterior and interior, even bringing kitchen craft cabinets to its owner. According to the lucky, plants hockey carrier can provide positive energy for the occupants of the house so that happiness and good luck will always be with them. Plant what is thought to bring luck? The first plant is Bamboo Water. Plant that resembles bamboo is generally sold in a state-organized. The foliage will emerge from the rods.

To plant it is believed to draw happiness and prosperity, and protect residents from negative energies such as loneliness and stress. These plants are placed in the pot that contains water. The second crop is basil. Basil is known as one of the vegetable vegetables. But in the world of kitchen craft cabinets, basil symbolizes love, prosperity, fortune, and beauty in the home. Fragrant aroma also serves as a deterrent bacterial, anti-depressant, and anti-septic. The third plant is Jasmine. Jasmine has multifunction, where the plant is able to make love stay warm and grow, as well as providing a wealth dwellers. Able to create a fragrant aroma and freshness in the white color will brighten up the atmosphere of the house.

The fourth plant is Citronella. This plant is also suitable for planting in your home because it is useful also for the needs of your kitchen craft cabinets as one of the seasoning ingredients for cooking. Citronella is known as one of the plants that repel mosquitoes and can be used as a spice in the kitchen. Not only that, it turns out the lemongrass can bring joy, harmony, friendship, and happiness to the residents of the house. The fifth is the Lavender plant. Purple flowers that can repel mosquitoes and the smell can relax your body can provide a peaceful effect on the occupants of the house so that the rarely quarrel. With the presence of peace, the fortune would be more easily approached. Thus, where the plants will be planted in the house you choose to bring luck?