A Relax and Formal Style of Living Room

Every home is designed with rooms which have special functions, especially living room. Living room serves as a place for receiving guests. There are two types of the living room that you can apply that are formal and informal. You can create the atmosphere in the formal living room with determining the theme for the room.

The Function of Living Room

One of the main rooms in the house is the living room. The ideal home is a home that has a living room. The presence of the living room supports a person in social interaction with others. A living room would look formal if you can determine the layout of the furniture. You can also specify a theme for your formal living room. Living room design concept can vary as formal and elegant. All that adapt to your personality and tastes. In addition as a supporter of social interaction, you can also do a variety of activities in this room. The living room is one room that connects to the existing room in your home.

Creating Casual of Formal Living Room

Many formal living rooms look so stiff so you do not feel comfortable to be in it. In making the formal living room into a relaxing room you can add a few embellishments and add some color. If you want to make this room look relaxed, you can combine the living room with the family room and adding a barrier that limits the two rooms.

In determining a color for your living room, you can choose neutral colors combined with the furniture. Besides choosing neutral colors you can add lighting to support your living room to be looked more relaxed. To provide good lighting for your living room, you can use sunlight. Sunlight will make the living room look more formal and relaxed and make the living room look more fresh and spacious.