Robin Van Persie Wallpaper as Other Perfect Option for the Fans of MU

Among all wallpaper that is made with Manchester United design, robin van persie wallpaper is definitely a good option to choose. This is something that cannot be separated from the fact that this football player is quite famous at this point of time. The fame is not only happening among the fans of MU club but also among women. It cannot be denied that this football player has a quite handsome face and that is why there are quite a lot of female fans that adore him quite much and use the wallpaper to decorate their computer screens.

 About Robin Van Persie

Before talking about the robin van persie wallpaper, it is so much better to know a little bit more about whom he actually is. Right now, he is known to be a striker in Manchester United team with 20 as his number. He was born on the year of 1983, to be more specific, it was the 6th of August, 1983. It means that he is now a 30th years old football player. Before playing in Manchester United football team, he is known to be a player in Arsenal team from the year of 2004 until 2012. From the fact that he always plays in famous football team, it can be said that his career is a bright one.

 Most Common Wallpaper with Robin Van Persie Theme

If being asked about the design of robin van persie wallpaper, it can be said that there are several design to be most common at this point of time. The first one is the design when his close up photo is involved as well as the logo of his current football team, which is MU. Other than this, there is also a design that tends to show more about his action when he is in the green field. No matter which design is chosen, it is so sure that it will always be a perfect choice for MU fans.

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