Romantic Master Bedroom Wall Decor

The theme for the master bedroom was a wide range depending on the ideas and wishes of the occupants of the room. Someone wanted a romantic feel, masculine, classic, contemporary, glamorous, etc. Each design certainly has its own characteristic, if we have to determine the theme for the master bedroom, then we should be able to decorate the entire room, from furniture for the master bedroom to the master bedroom wall decor. There are many things we have to consider in detail when we create a master bedroom, it is better if we know the function of the room, if only to the extent there is a bedroom or other functions, such as rooms with work space.

If we want a master bedroom with a romantic feel, the furniture and also the master bedroom wall decor we have to adjust, there are some wallpaper with romantic designs that we can choose for a master bedroom, or we can also use paint with shades that are also romantic, like peach, broken white, or pastel colors, because this color gives warm shades in the room. For furniture also use romantic feel, by choosing a mattress with shades that almost matching the color of the room itself, as well as storage, as well as wardrobe, you should adjust to the feel of the rooms there.

It’s good for the lighting we use lighting to the model attached to the wall, the light is not too bright, merely illuminate dark rooms to avoid. For it is better to use blinds curtains 2 pieces, the first use blinds with thin material, so that the sun is not so glaring, while the second curtain, we can use at night. After all prepared  has finished, we should be additional to the master bedroom wall decor, such as a few special photos, like our wedding photos or family photos, or other wall hangings as well, we also can put a mirror on the wall of the master bedroom.