Simple Design for Bedroom

Home is like ‘heaven on earth’, a place where you can find anything that comfort. Especially if the interior is well designed. One of the important spaces at home is bedroom, because you are spending the break time or sleep there. So the bedroom needs to be designed in such a way in order to provide comfort to its owner.

There are several tips to organize the bedroom:

  1. The main focus of the bedrooms are usually located in the area of the bed. You can show the decoration on this area like the wall, bedding, or carpet, use color composition and special lighting.
  2. In addition to get good lighting and air circulation, a wide window makes the room more spacious. Do not worry about death window. You can instal an AC or good ventilation.
  3. It will be good if the ceiling is 3 meters or more. It leaves impression of spacious room.

If you are a person who does not like much decoration, a simple bedroom design could be good for you. Simple does not always mean minimalis. But minimalis is always simple. First, you need to choose the color for the wall. Choose the cold-color like grey, blue navy, white, green-leaf, dark purple, etc. In psychology the cold-color makes people feel calm, peace, and comfort. It does suitable for bedroom. And do not use more than three major colors in one room.

Second, avoid excessive decoration. You do not need lis profil on the ceiling or wallpaper with classic-pattern in the wall. Use wallpaper with simple pattern like vertical line or maybe just plain wall color. If you prefer a curtain or blinds, choose the one that not have much wave and, of course, with cold-color. Simple bedrooms still need some furniture to fill the room. End table, dresser, wardrobe, table, and chair are main element of a bedroom. But do not forget with the color and shape of the furniture. Carving on the furniture is simple-design oposite.

Simple bedroom design is always related with modern concept. It do not need many decoration or accents and very recommended for narrow space. Besides, simple design for bedroom gives impression of clean and orderly.