Simple Ideas for Girls Bedroom Designs You Can Apply at Home

Girls bedroom designs are things can be found so easily right now. Therefore, it can be a bit hard for you to choose some to be applied in the bedroom of your lovely daughters. Instead of getting more and more confused about which designs to choose, you can pay more attention to some simple ideas which tend to be easy to apply and can still make the girls’ bedroom to look pretty. In order to help you out, here are some ideas simple enough for you to do at home.

 Pink and Light Brown Theme

The first idea for the girls bedroom designs is the one in which the combination of pink and light brown color is the one used to decorate all bedroom parts. The best thing about this color combination theme is it can make every girl’s bedroom to look so sweet. Sometimes, this color combination can even make the bedroom to look like a sweet cake with pink and chocolate icing. The color combination can even be applied on the walls of the bedroom. In this case, it is quite suggested for you to apply different color in each wall. Other than this, it will also be sweet if you choose some pink floral fabric material for the pillowcases or even bedding in the bedroom.

 Pretty 3D Wall Decorations

Other than the simple idea to use color combination as told earlier, you can also make the design of your girls’ bedroom to look pretty by adding 3D wall decorations. The simplest example of this is the combination between a wall vinyl sticker in a form of tree and pop-up stickers in the form of flowers. Applying these wall decorations can make the room looks more beautiful. Besides, the wall decorations for girls bedroom designs also look so real since there are 3D flower stickers involved in these.

girls-bedroom-design luxury-girls-bedroom-design pink-bedroom-design-with-wallpaper girl-bedroom-design-with-wallpaper pink-wallpaper-bedroom-for-girls