Simplest Way to Decor French Style Living Room

Decorating a living room with different styles will make it looks more unique. There are lots of interior decorating trend that has developed with minimalist concept. You can use this kind of concept for your French country living room. This concept does not need large and spacious size of the room. The theme of this room will make you and your guests feel comfortable in it.

Provide Gathering and Warm Area

One of the most important elements and often applied in a French country living room is a gathering area. In this area, it will form a circle or semi-circle which will allow you to gather and chit chat with your family. One of the most important elements in this gathering area is the television or fireplace. Then around this area is given a sofa as seating area and arranged in a circle or semi-circular.

French country living room design is a design that came from France. Therefore, it will follow the geographical conditions in that country. This state is identical to the cold atmosphere, so it created a warm feel by giving the fireplace. In addition to use the fireplace, you can give warm colors like yellow, gold, brown, and some other soft colors. You need to avoid giving pastel color for your living room because it will make your living room look more classical.

Other Details for Living Room

To make French country living room looks like country, you can add the details that identical to countryside. An easy way to find it is to paint your furniture and your sofa with some technique and color to create antique furniture. You can also add traditional furniture made of clay to decorate your living room French country. You also add a mirror with a frame made of iron and carvings. This mirror will decorate the walls of your living room and amplify the feel warm and comfortable.