Small one Room Apartment Design: How to Make Small Apartment Room Comfortable

Small one room apartment design allows people whose apartment room is small to get comfortable place for living. When applying the design, people must consider some necessary things unless they will make their small one room apartment more crowded than before.

How to Divide the Room

The very first thing people must consider when designing their small one room apartment is how they will divide the room. To make an apartment room comfortable to live in, people must know optimize the function. Bedroom and living room are the most important rooms to have. Regarding that, people should separate their single apartment room into at least two different rooms with different function. To make it easier, people are suggested using room separator. There are many types of contemporary room separator they can use. The one made of glass is very popular among modern people.

Taking Advantages of the Corners

After separating a single apartment room into some parts, people need to optimize the function of each part representing different room. To avoid too crowded room, people can take the advantages of the corners. Optimizing the function of room corners is a good idea of small one room apartment design. People can add some pieces of furniture on the corner of their small apartment room, such as book shelf, coffee table, living room sofa, kitchen pieces, and so on.

Choosing Right Colors and Furniture

The next thing people must consider is choosing the color scheme. Choosing the right color scheme gives important impact to the room. Bright colors for wall and furniture are highly recommended. Bright colors can enlarge the dimension of a room visually. Instead of choosing the color scheme, people, who are going to design their small one room apartment, need to choose the right furniture. Regarding the size of the room, big furniture is better to avoid. Meanwhile, according to small one room apartment design ideas, compact furniture is recommended to install.

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