Stunning Paris Decor for Girls Bedroom

Various decoration themes for girl’s bedroom can be chosen yet we need to know about how the theme can accommodate their taste for years to come. Thus, picking the theme for girl’s bedroom should be able to fit to their change but we don’t need to change the whole decoration in the future. One of stunning themes which will suit to room decor for years to come is paris decor for girls bedroom. Besides the theme will be timeless in styles it provide uniqueness about Parisian items as well it will be also easy fix and a perfect fit for our girls.

Starting the paris decor for girls bedroom with the bed. To give the impression of Parisian, a wrought iron bed will be good choice. Mostly, this bed will be chosen for the black painted because it will fit to other Parisian decoration items. Besides, it will be easy to paint yourself or we can find already painted in black. Paris is identically related to something soft and romantic which can be imparted by pink things. Thus, the black wrought iron bed can be covered with pink shades or the combination of pink and black with various patterns such as stripped, polka dots or floral so enhance the cuteness.

The shades of vintage can also be applied to the paris decor for girls bedroom with vintage drawers, vintage dresser of vintage bed side. Decorate with Parisian famous sites which can be owned from Paris themed wallpapers such as Eiffel Tower, fashion sketches, cafeteria mural, lamp chandelier mural, French writing and any Parisian accents. Consider also about the lighting in which chandelier is the best choice to create more Parisian atmosphere and by adding accent lighting for the mounted wall lamp fixtures the romantic Parisian for daughter’s beautiful bedroom will always fit to changes after years to come.