Teen Bedroom Design Something Different from Kids Bedroom Design

Some parents do some mistake in creating teen bedroom design because they think that the bedroom design has no difference to kids’ bedroom design. It can be even worse because they also do not think about redecorating the room of their kids when they are about to enter teenage phase real soon. The fact they may not realize quite well is that both of the room designs are so different from one another. Here is some brief explanation about why the design of bedroom for teen should be made different from the design of kids’ bedroom.

Kids Design Can Make Teenager Feels Uncomfortable

The most basic reason about why teen bedroom design should be made different from kids’ bedroom design is because the design applied to kids’ bedroom can possibly make a teenager feel uncomfortable. This is related to the fact that they do not want to be called as childish. For teenagers, this kind of thing can be so sensitive. As parents you of course have to understand this better. One of the ways is by redecorating the bedroom of your kids with new teenage design when he/she already reaches teen age.

How to Redecorate the Room Affordably

If you worry about the amount of cash you may need in doing the redecoration of the room, there are several things you can do in order to deal with that. For example, you should not always replace all furniture in the bedroom with the new one. If some of the furniture has kiddy design, such as character images and so on, you can try to cover the furniture with new paint. This idea is in fact great enough because you can make it also as a project for you and your loved one to do together. This way, the teen bedroom design can look new without costing you too much money.

large-lithe-teen-bedroom-theme-with-big-double-wooden-wardrobe-in-yellow-white-also-grey-sofa-bed-plus-contrast-golden-dark-blue-green-bluish-cushions-pattern lovely-curved-white-teen-bedroom-for-girl-with-king-size-bed-with-plaid-pattern-headboard-and-crafty-ceramic-vase-as-interior-decorations luca-marta-teen-bedroom-with-cutting-sticker-wallpaper-on-mix-color-combination-color-wall-and-large-rectangle-light-pink-flatwoven-rug pretentious-paris-teen-bedroom-design-with-fresh-color-of-eiffel-tower-figure-wall-decoration-contrasts-pale-green-medium-elegant-fabric-sofa roller-boy-teen-bedroom-design-with-blue-violet-furniture-set-along-bed-with-headboard-plus-drawers-matching-white-large-partition-windows